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Chavez Jr vs Zbik Live Stream

Julio Cesar Chaves Jr vs Sebastian Zbik Live Stream. A very good news to all boxing fans as we will witness a WBC Middleweight Championship battle on June 4, 2011 from two rival boxing promotions. This fight will be shown on HBO’s “Boxing After Dark” and co-promoted by Top Rank.

Currently Sebastian Zbik is the WBC Middleweight Champion after Sergio Martinez handed the belt without a fight that was decided by WBC. A German fighter that is undefeated in his career as a professional boxer. A very tactical and classy fighter that really has a bright future in the world of boxing. He will be proving to all of us fans this Saturday what he is capable of as a Middleweight boxer.

Chaver Jr has an eight year professional boxer career and is also undefeated. A prodigy of Julio Cesar Chavez who is a great and resilient boxer during his time and really had to prove to the boxing universe what it means to be a prodigy of former champion boxer.

Don’t ever miss this WBC Middleweight Championship fight and be sure to scour the internet also for live streaming sites and sponsored links that could really give you the ease and enjoyment of watching this Chavez jr vs Zbik fight.

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